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The Simplest Ways to a Happy Marriage
Jan 22, 2011

Some people say that the first five years of marriage is the hardest, some others say it's the first seven years. But, do you know that those numbers are not significant? No matter how long or short the age of your marriage is, problems will always be there. Those having been married for fifteen years or more can be trapped into any troubles.

So, both spouses need to put all their effort to make the marriage work. It can't be just the wife or the husband. It takes two to tango.

What to do then?

o Communicate

The most crucial thing in a marriage is communication. If it doesn't go well, consider your marriage over. A good communication is the key to a happy marriage. With it you can express your thoughts and feelings to each other. It helps you both create an understanding towards each other. If you have problems, talk about them openly.

o Commit

Make sure that both of you are committed to make the marriage work. This has to be one of the most important things to consider before you say 'I do.' And, later, during the years, you should restore your commitment to keep it fresh.

o Respect Each other

In any relationship, either it's friendship or others, it is important to have respect towards each other.

o Love and love

When you decided to get married, you had so much love for your partner. Keep it alive by memorizing all your beautiful moments together.

o Romance

Who says that married couple cannot date? Of course they can. And, they have to, if they want to have a successful marriage and avoid the most frightening word, 'divorce.'

Don't ever wish for a perfect marriage. Nothing is perfect in this world. The most important thing is that both you and your spouse are willing to have a happy marriage. Happiness is enough. Happiness is all you need.