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Long Way to go for "Legend"


I rate this 2.5/5


* Weak story in the first half
Brahmanandam’s comedy track
Boyapati mixes up various characters of Balayya along with his two shades formula and whips up Legend. But Balayya’s trademark dialogue delivery and dialogues that interest his fans induce some excitement into the film. However, the film will not be well-received by others barring his fans and mass audience.
if the writer would have pitted Balayya and Jagapathi Babu, then Legend would have turned out differently. But in keeping with the taste of the Telugu audience, the hero’s character is rather strong and the villain’s character is rather weak. Due to this, the film does not excite you. The hero pulls it along on his own strength. Had the director picturised a powerful showdown between Jagapathi Babu and Balayya, it would have helped the film a lot.

I guess its a long way to go for balaiah and Boyapati Srinu.


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