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It is said that Jagatha Hanumanth came from Golkanda and accompanied the British as sardar and settled in Rajupalem.Later the families of Godasi who happened to be nephews of Jagatha settled in a village near Rajupalem which later used to be called Godasivaripalem.Then certain families belonging to Jagatha migrated from Rajupalem to Godasivaripalem since they were nephews to the clan Godasi. Godasivaripalem is a smaall village near Mummidivarm of East Godavari District in ANDHRA Pradesh.It is probably only one of the Villages in the state inhabited by only Kapu community.This village has produced eminent doctors, engineers, Government officials.This is a highly cultured village and we are all proud of being born in this wonderful village.The educationists in the village capture the attenti
on of the people in the District.It is no exaggeration to say that most of the young people settled well abroad.The people belonging to this village are unique and distinct in their own ways.Mr Godasi Satyam is the first Graduate, Mr Godasi swami Naidu S/o of Gavarayya Naidu is the first post graduate, Godasi Rama krishna Rao is the first Engineer, Godasi swami naidiu S/o Naidu is the first person to be awarded Doctorate and Godasi Ganga Raju is the first Doctor from the village.They all belong to a popular Family called PATTA MANI.The persons belonging to other families did not lag behind.Mr Jagatha Atcyuta Ramaya was a great scholar in Sanskrit and Telugu literature and his eldest son Jagatha Viswanatham retired as Director of Accounts, Andhra Pradesh, the greatest ever post held by any one from this village.There are other families like Bandaru which is also predominant and popular besides some other families like Vanga, Muddana, Tadala, Toleti, saladi etc in the village.

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