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Fan Following Reducing For New Generation Heroes

There was a time when people used to travel all the way to Chennai from Andhra Pradesh just to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars but now, it looks like those days of glory are over for the stars and a recent survey has revealed that the current trend of heroes do not have a commendable fan following.

The causes for this are many as per analysts. They say that the strong presence of media has brought the stars closer to the masses with over exposure which was not the case before. Also, the heroes of those times used to be quite low profile when it comes to media cameras so getting them in a photograph was a major thing.

Last but not the least, with a stingy approach of todays heroes towards doing projects and the lack of connectivity with the audience through the films has also contributed to the fall in the fan base. Perhaps it is going to be an era before we see someone as iconic as an NTR or a superstar Krishna who had many loyal admirers through decades.

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