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‘Ee Rojullo’ in troubles


A job is never complete by coming out with a film. It has to be pushed into the market in the right way to get the attention of the audience. And that seems to be the problem the latest release ‘Ee Rojullo’ is suffering from. This we say after getting reports from various collection centers.

It is heard that the film is suffering from positioning problem. It was shot in Canon 5D camera taking RGV as inspiration and his film ‘Dongala Mutha’. Sources say ‘Ee Rojullo’ was made at a budget of Rs 60 lakhs and Rs 60 lakhs was spent for promotion. Finally, it was sold for Rs 1.5 crores all area rights put together.

Rs 30 lakhs was got for satellite rights so a total of Rs 60 lakhs table profit has been made, as per sources. All that is okay and the trailer got good response from youth crowds. It is heard that the overall content is alright and one set of youth got connected but very few saw the film due to unavailability of the film in considerable number of theatres. In Hyderabad it’s released just in 6 stand alone theatres and running single shows in multiplexes.

Some say though vulgarity is there it is okay but taking it to people has been unsuccessful. For any film the product, price, place and positioning is important so it doesn’t require to say the film’s result will not be positive in terms of scoring a hit.

Given the buzz that there are lots of vulgar dialogues and family crowds cannot watch it, one can imagine the situation when it comes in TV, who will see it.

At least, now, if makers make attempts to increase number of theatres, people know that something of this sort has come in Tollywood.

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