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Chidamabaram- The Barking Dog

chidimbaramIts shameful. Its disgraceful. Its embarrassing and painful. Who is responsible for the families of CRP jawans those breathed last in the guerilla battle carried by Maoists in Chhattisgarh? No politician is shouting that Chidambaram should resign or Man Mohan should resign or CM Raman Singh of Chhattisgarh should resign. As central government is being run by Congress, as Chhattisgarh government is being run by BJP and as Maoists are being supported by CPI-CPM, no political party is opening lips to talk on this.

In fact, the shame should be among the citizens. Nothing affected the 9/11 attacks in USA and George W Bush elected as President for second time. Nothing affected 26/11 attacks in Mumbai, the same government elected again. People are reading everything as entertainment. Hence politics has become the happiest career for the cruel, crooked and selfish.

In Andhra Pradesh, DGP Swaranjit Sen had single handedly fought deadly battles with Maoists just with the support of YSR. He used to give no verbose statements before and after combing but simply kept silent. Maoists lost many lives in his era. But no recognition was given for him. Many assumed that he will be laurelled with a powerful position in Central Government. But nothing happened.

And honorable Minister Chidambaram is behaving like barking dog. Yes, the adage says such dog never bites. Why should he deliver dialogues about the way he wishes to toe down Maoists? Is that to please people through media? Vengeance should be taken in silence. Maoists are becoming alert with the statements of Chidamabaram.

What is Human Rights Commission doing? Is that biting nails? Arent the police human? Dont they come under Human Rights? Human Rights Commission is also working on the commission they get from Maoists!

Only time should save this nation but not the politicians. Only time should teach lesson fr every Minister and politician here.

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